April - May 2001

Automated Instructional Design
How long will it be before automated instructional design becomes viable and widely used in our field? [143 votes total]
It already is (8) 6%
1-2 years (16) 11%
3-4 years (18) 13%
5-6 years (23) 16%
7-8 years (6) 4%
9-10 years (10) 7%
11-15 years (2) 1%
More than 15 years (8) 6%
It never will (52) 36%

Web Poll - User Comments 1 - 3
Automated ID will only come after we have routine and easy access to artificial intelligence; ID is not just following a model or a recipe, it is the application of complex theory to resolve real problems and as difficult to automate as heart surgery Apr 10th 2001 03:50:13 PM
Instructional design is a "thinking" process. Humans must use a creative process to produce a product that will present relevant material in a relevant manner. Over the years we have seem many tools help the author/designer to create education Apr 10th 2001 11:27:19 AM
my first response was "it never will" but then I thought that is such a non-open mind response. I read the question again and decided that it WILL become viable and widely used, not to mean that it will be better than individually done. Apr 10th 2001 10:40:30 AM

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