This page lists the sessions and other events by ITFORUM members at the 2002 AERA conference in New Orleans, Louisiana from April 1-5, 2002.

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Monday April 1, 2002
12:00 Noon
Sheraton Fourth Floor Gallier

A Model for Integrating Instructional Technology into Higher Education
Daniel W Surry, University of South Alabama

1:15 pm
Sheraton Eighth Floor Armstrong Ballroom

The Evolution of Instructional Improvement: Faculty Development and Systemic Change
Kathleen W. Ingram, Ithaca College, Walter W. Wager, Florida State University, Bonnie Armstrong, Florida State University

1:15 pm
Sheraton Eighth Floor Armstrong Ballroom

The Differences Between Face-to-Face and Computer-Mediated Interactions
Charalambos Vrasidas, CAIT, Western Illinois University, Richard Chamberlain, CAIT, Western Illinois University

2:15 p.m.
Marriott Second Floor, Studio 3

Educational Technology and Learning.
Chair: Joan E. Hughes, Univ. of Minnesota.  Discussant: Glenn E. Snelbecker, Temple University.

2:15 p.m.
Shearaton, Armstrong Ballroom, 8th Floor

Creating Opportunities for Advanced Media Production and Instructional Design: Generating Learning Objects
Darcy E. Miller, Abbie Brown, Washington State University

2:15 p.m.
Sheraton, Pontchartrain C, 3rd floor.

Assessing the impact of structuredness of online protocols on meaningful discourse
Patricia K. Gilbert, Nada Dabbagh, George Mason

Sheraton, Pontchartrain E, 3rd floor

From Theory to Practice: Using and Instructional Theory to Provide Feedback and Consultation  to Improve College Teaching, Learning and Motivation
Scott E. Hampton, US Military Academy, Robert A. Reiser, Florida State University.

Tuesday April 2, 2002
8:15 am
Sheraton Fourth Floor Edgewood

Instructivist and Constructivist Self-Regulatory Tools for Pre-Service Teachers: The IPSRT and CPSRT
Amy L Baylor, Florida State University
Anastasia Kitsantas, George Mason University

2:15 pm
Sheraton Eighth Floor Armstrong Ballroom

Expanding metacognitive awareness of instructional planning with MIMIC (Multiple Intelligent Mentors Instructing Collaboratively), an agent-based learning environment
Amy L Baylor, Florida State University

Wednesday April 3, 2002

2:15 pm
Sheraton, Gallier, 4th floor

Assessing Complex Problem-Solving Skills and Knowledge Assembly Using Web-Based Hypermedia Design
Nada Dabbagh, George Mason University

2:15 pm
Sheraton, Ellendale, 4th floor

On Universal Accessibility and Online Journals
Sandra Sutton Andrews, Ivana Batarelo, Samuel A. DiGangi, Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Arizona State University

Thursday April 4, 2002
10:35 am
Marriott Second Floor Studio 5

Perceived Importance of Conditions that Facilitate Implementation
Daniel W Surry, University of South Alabama
David C Ensminger, University of South Alabama

2:15 pm
Sheraton Eighth Floor Armstrong Ballroom

Instructional Technology Specialists: Questions about Identification and Functions
Susan M. Miller, Temple University, Glenn E. Snelbecker, Temple University, Jill Teitelbaum, Temple University

4:05 pm
Le Meridien, St.Jerome, 3rd floor
SIG-Instructional Technology Business Meeting

Panel Discussion: Current Perspectives on Distance Education and Distributed learning.

Chris Dede, Harvard, Gene Glass, Arizona State University, David Jonassen, University of Missouri, Marina McIsaac, Arizona State University, Thomas Reeves, University of Georgia, Linda Harasim, Simon Fraser, Robin Mason, Open University, UK, Charalambos Vrasidas, CAIT, Western Illinois University