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A Forum for the Instructional Technology Community

AECT will assume responsibility for ITForum Management and Moderation as of November 1, 2010.

Please note the Copyright and Discussion policies below


ITFORUM is an electronic forum where people from around the world discuss theories, research, new paradigms, and practices in the field of Instructional Technology. ITFORUM was founded in 1994 and has been sponsored since its inception by the Department of Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia. The list is open to anyone interested in instructional technology (a special invitation is extended to graduate students in IT programs)

ITFORUM is a little different from most forums in that specific discussions are conducted throughout the year. From time to time, leaders and graduate students in the field are invited to write a short paper, essay or dissertation paper  that is posted on the website prior to discussion. This guest discussant remains available electronically on the list for a period of one week to discuss, debate, or answer questions from subscribers.

The Moderator for the list coordinates and facilitates discussions and handles the day-to-day management of the list. Lloyd Rieber of the University of Georgia, who started ITFORUM in 1994 and served as Moderator until 1998 now acts as "Moderator Emeritus" and provides advice, expertise, and assistance with list management. Dan Surry of the University of South Alabama served as Moderator from 1998 until 2003. Kathy Ingram of the University of South Alabama served as Moderator from 2003 until 2005. Dr. Gene Wilkeson of the University of Georgia developed the original ITFORUM website back in the mid-1990s. His time and efforts on behalf of ITFORUM are greatly appreciated. Current questions about ITFORUM should be directed to Lloyd Rieber or Beverley Ferrell, moderator since 2005.

Copyright and Discussion Policies

Discussions: Papers used for Discussions: All paper presenters retain their original/designated copyright .

It's useful to compare discussions on ITFORUM with those of a hallway chat between colleagues after hearing a really good presentation at a conference. Our hope is that ITFORUM will be a place where people feel free to make more casual comments about issues confronting the field rather than the usual hardcore, often stuffy, academic rhetoric. One important distinction between ITFORUM and these hallway chats is that everyone has the chance to discuss the talk with the speaker/s and with colleagues from around the world (especially those without Ph.D.s - in fact, rank has little meaning on ITFORUM). You should not feel you have to labor days on a comment or question before you post it. We also feel that "lurking" is a perfectly acceptable form of participation. We like to think of ourselves as a friendly bunch who are willing to share our ideas and knowledge of instructional technology with one another.

General Discussion Policy

Given the mission and purpose of ITFORUM, the discussion policy is: **During those weeks (see upcoming discussions page) when a scheduled discussion is taking place, all postings should be relevant to that discussion. Its a matter of professional courtesy to the authors. Please abide by the discussion period guidelines (no extraneous or off-topic conversations) until the moderator has released the discussion.

General Policies

1. No unsolicited commercial use of ITFORUM shall be allowed.  ITFORUM is an online community with an educational purpose and noncommercial focus. If a member asks for a resource such as training, manuals, CDs, etc. to do an
instructional design project/teach etc., and you happen to have it, you may mention it by return reply to the list.

You may put a direct link to your website/blog in your signature file, but please limit personal signature files to  around 10 lines. Organizational disclaimers are not part of that limit.

2. Requests to solicit participation in research and surveys shall be from recognized non-profit institutions. A copy of the results of such research or surveys must be shared with any ITFORUM member who requests it. Please
check with the moderators for approval before posting the solicitation.

3. Please obey all US copyright laws and the laws of your originating country (if they differ, US copyright takes precedence). Messages remain the property of the author, who should be given credit and permission obtained
for off list use.

4. Announcements should be professionally related such as Calls for Papers, professional organization conferences, job postings, etc. and not of commercial benefit to an individual member.


Please note we are always looking for good papers! Papers on all topics related to instructional technology are encouraged; the papers can be either theoretical or practical in nature, including "in progress" papers and short opinion pieces.  Discussing your paper on ITFORUM is a great way to disseminate your ideas and to get feedback on your work. If you have a paper that you would like to contribute to ITFORUM, please contact the moderator . 

The new discussion schedule can be found on the Upcoming Discussions Page.


The Previous Discussions page has links to the older papers from 1994 to the present.

Last updated    June 8, 2011